Saturday, March 25, 2006

Application Process For Membership

Prospective Member Induction Process

Our goal is to ensure that prospective members are informed about Rotary and the Rotary Club of New York, and are inducted within one month of presenting their application.

  • Step 1. Contact our Executive Director, Andreas Runggatscher, or membership chairs Lou DiPaolo, Tom McConnon or Saul Anton for an application.

  • Step 2. Assign sponsor and co-sponsor if the prospective member does not already have one.

  • Step 3. With the help of their sponsors, the prospective member should fill out the Rotary Club of New York’s application. A fully refundable $300 deposit is required with the submitted application. Before filling out the application, the sponsor and /or the co-sponsor should inform the prospective member of the “Basics Of Rotary” and answer any questions the applicant may have. Topics should include:
    - The Fundamentals of Rotary
    - Attendance
    - Financial commitment,
    - Membership profession classification.
    - Our Club’s Community and International Service projects.
    - VoluntaryClub Service
    -Annual donation to New York Rotary Foundation
    - Prepaid lunch coupon system.

  • Step 4. A representative from the Club’s “Selection and Classification Committee” (SCC), chaired by Saul Anton, will visit the prospective member to evaluate mutual compatibility and classification. They will also answer any additional questions the prospective member may have.

  • Step 5. Completed application and recommendation by SCC is submitted to Board for approval. The approval process will be done on-line to expedite the process.

  • Step 6. Successful candidate is asked to attend an one hour orientation on the second Tuesday of the month at 11:00 AM chaired by incoming president. The incoming president may invite other Rotarians to assist in conducting the orientation.

  • Step 7. The prospective member can be inducted at the same day of the orientation meeting. Sponsor and / or co-sponsor will introduce the inductee and briefly introduce the new member before the new member addresses the club.

  • Step 8. The new member’s photo, along with a synopsis of their profession, company name, personal hobbies, family life, and areas of interest and any chosen job assignment in Rotary, may be presented in our weekly newsletter.

    Membership Application
    Please complete this form and return to the Rotary Office with your $300.00 fully refundable deposit. This information will be used for introductions and reference for club publications and activities. Forms can be faxed: (212) 633-1954, or mailed: Rotary Club of New York, 322 Eight Avenue, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10001. Our office telephone number is (212) 633-1311.

Name _______________________________________________

Nickname for badge______________________________________

Home Address _________________________________________

Home Phone __________Fax__________Email________________

Work Phone __________Fax__________ Email________________

Company Name ________________________________________


Circle one: I prefer to receive Rotary mail and/or e-mails at HOME WORK

Professional Title or Function _______________________________

Years company?____________

What products or services does your company provide? Are they in business locally, nationally or internationally?


Describe briefly the duties you perform______________________

List past and present civic, charitable, nonprofit and professional or trade organization activities___________________________________________________

Have you been a member of this or any other Rotary Club? _______________

Where__________ Number of years? ____ When? ________ Paul Harris Fellow________

Club Sponsor: _____________________________________________

Club Co-sponsor___________________________________________


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